Toddlers 1 ProgramTODDLERS 1 PROGRAM

Our room is set up to create an atmosphere of comfort and learning. Activities in which the infants and toddlers participate flow naturally out of everyday experiences and are designed to create a sense of security and trust.

A Typical Day:

7:00 - Welcome/Free Play   11:15 - Literature/Bible
8:00 - Breakfast   12:00 - Nap/Quiet Time
8:30 - Circle Time   2:30 - Spanish
8:45 - Play Time/Books   3:00 - Fine Motor Activities
9:15 - Small Groups   3:30 - Snack
10:00 - Snack   4:00 - Outside Play
10:30 - Outside Play   4:30 - Circle Time
11:00 - Diapers   5:00 - Free Play/Goodbyes
  • Bottles, if applicable.
  • Diapers, wipes, diaper cream. (Signed medical form needed for diaper cream.)
  • A pacifier, if needed.
  • One or two extra changes of clothes.
  • A special blanket or stuffed toy for nap.
  • Sunscreen for summer months. (Signed medical form needed.)
  • Tylenol to have on hand for fever or mild discomforts. (Signed medical form needed.)

Each child is assigned a coat hook and “cubbie” for placing personal items such as hats, mittens, etc.

Please label everything you send to the center.


FELC uses High Scope Curriculum in each of our classrooms. In the Toddler 1 Room our weekly lesson plans are created to emphasize every area of a child's development and to help children learn through play. Adult-child interactions and a consistent daily schedule are both emphasized in High Scope classrooms.


Circle Time
This is a group time for teaching, singing, and reading stories.

God’s Word is taught through Bible stories and songs.

We begin the simple basic introduction of the alphabet using animals and songs.

We introduce numbers 1-10. We use hands-on activities to teach counting which also helps with small motor skills.

Some of our favorite experiments are food tasting (while avoiding any food allergies), and watching water change color by adding food coloring.

Reading Center
This is an area that provides another opportunity for the children to explore a variety of books in addition to the ones we read in class.

Dramatic Play
Imagination play with teachers always brings smiles to the children’s faces.

Arts & Crafts
Children enjoy making basic simple crafts as well as exploring with paint and other art materials. We enjoy showcasing their masterpieces throughout our room.

Outside Play
We try to go outside everyday, weather permitting. This usually involves a stroller ride on the premises, or playing outside on the small playground. If the temperature or real feel are below 30 degrees or above 90 degrees we provide gross-motor activities indoors.

Nap Time
Sleep is an important part of a child’s day. Each child will be assigned a crib or mat with a sheet that we provide. A blanket and even a special stuffed toy may be brought from home. Instrumental music is played during this time.

The toys in the room are age appropriate and are chosen carefully to be educational as well as fun. Toys are thoroughly washed everyday after use.

We serve breakfast, a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. We send menus home one week in advance so you know what is being served each day. We are a peanut and tree nut free zone.

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